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Dear All,
I am using MATLAB R2009a. I have a different answer for train/validation/test from two different method: 

1) I Use: 
[net tr] = train(net,trainV.P,trainV.T,[],[],valV,testV);

 to train the network,   and simulate the different train/validation/test result as: 


and then i obtained MSE for training validation and test as:


And from them finally R2 square value as: 


And the result i obtained directly from MSEtrain1=mse(normTrainOutput - tn(:XX)), that starts from training interval period i defined. And so on validation and test. Why these two values MSETrain1 and MSETrain differ?

2) I have R2 Train = 0.7738, R2 Validate = 0.7934 and R2 Test = 0.7926. And from the linear regression plot i obtain R train = 0.89584, R validate = 0.81805 and R Test = 0.92432. Does it mean the R2 value of neural network is worst than linear regression model? OR the result i obtained during training = 0.89584 from regression is quite good.

3) Every times i simulate my network, my R2 values sometimes good and sometimes even worst  -ve. How to make it constant, if i assume i get 27 epochs,  hidden neurons  =18 the best R2 value?

Thank You.