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Subject: Need urgent help guys
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I am having a strange problem and thinking I can use MATLAB to solve it.
I have text files with content  as below:
 7.9862668e+001  7.8140733e+001  8.0422936e+001  8.2806563e+001  8.3409122e+001  8.5673324e+001  8.7745376e+001  8.7303741e+001  8.5174770e+001  8.4144757e+001  8.3794223e+001  8.6131919e+001  8.7120891e+001  8.8307760e+001  8.8322351e+001  8.7581641e+001  

What I want is to change the format of these numbers. For e.g. I want 7.9862668e+001 to change to 798.62 and so on for all the numbers.

Thank you in advance.