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Well, I don't see how you would use Matlab to 'create a blank database'.  That doesn't make sense.  Why, exactly, would you want to use Matlab to create a database?  Use the database to create a database.

Anyway, you said that you already found the Database Toolbox.  That's great!!  You should find lots of samples in the 'dbdemos' folder, for Inserts and Updates.  That's most much all you need to know.  The rest is about Selects and Deletes; both are really straightforward, especially when you get a handle on the Inserts and Updates.

"Javier " <> wrote in message <khfo2f$i7p$>...
> Hi, 
> no answer for that, so I assume it's not possible, only links with existing DB.
> To bad.
> Anyway, I dug out about using SQLite in Matlab and found and tried mksqlite for Matlab.
> It works well.
> Pretty strait if you know your SQL.
> So for those who scratch their head with the same question, here is my 2cts.
> Cheers.
> J.