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"Dan " <> wrote in message <khqe4p$gfm$>...
> Hi guys, I have 2 labs due for a beginners matlab course.. I am a senior and just need to pass this course. (I switched from ECET to ECE which is why I am taking a 151 class as a senior). Anyway I have an Electromagnetics and an engineering probability test tomorrow so I do not have the time to spend on these labs. 
> I will paypal 8$ each to anyone that helps me with these labs. I would like you to complete the lab and put it notes for the more complex parts of the code so I can review these labs later and tell exactly what you did and why. 
> lab 6--Due First
> Thank You

I guess this will be a good lesson then, on how to do
your work on time, not wait until the last minute.

There are many jobs out there for you if you can't
bother to be prepared. Start practicing this line:

"Do ya want fires with that?"

as it will be useful for you in your career.