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> On Monday, May 18, 2009 1:37:01 PM UTC-4, Dominic  wrote:
> > I am trying to write a for loop which will allow me to import multiple .dat files of different sizes all from the same folder. 
> > 
> > Thus far I have written the code to import a single file, but when I try making the necessary changes to loop it I get all sorts of errors. 
> > 
> > Here is my code so far:
> > %load the dat file
> > [FileName, FilePath, FILTERINDEX] =uigetfile('C:\Dominic\PT40491\data\*.dat','Select a Holter file to read');
> > FileNamePath=strcat(FilePath,'\',FileName);
> > %load the ECG data
> > [sample V5 AP]=textread(FileNamePath,'%f%f%f');
> > ECG=AP;
> > clear V5 AP
> --------------------------
> Dominic,
>   I was just handed a Holter .dat file from a potential customer to see if we could process the file.  Do you know if there are any SDK's that could be used to read or convert the data for .NET?
> Thanks!
> Mike Richman (

BTW, note that Dominic hasn't posted at this newsgroup since 2009. The odds that he looks at the posts on anything like a regular basis are probably pretty slim. Rather than replying to a fairly generic post with a subject 'Importing multiple .dat files', which could be ignored if we see that there have already been multiple responses, you might have a better chance of getting someone who is familiar with your problem to respond if you added a new thread with a more specific subject, like 'Importing Holter monitor data files'.