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Subject: Re: undefined input argument of a user defined function
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"anurag" wrote in message <kiuteg$mbe$>...
> i'm using the following code to create a function::
> function [z]=maxtheta(A0,A1,h)
> m=size(A0);
> n=size(h);
> t1=0;
> for j=1:n(2);
>     t2=t1+h(j);
>      for i=1:m(1);
>          a0=A0(i,j);
>          a1=A1(i,j);
>          z=feval(maxii,a0,a1,t1,t2);
>      end
>      t1=t1+t2;
> end
> end
> where maxii is a function created by me and works fine with numerical maxtheta suppose to take A0,A1,h as matrix inputs...but after defining A0,A1,h in command line when i am trying to run this function this is giving error message ::
> input argument h is not defined, input argument a0(not A0) is not defined.....plzz help...i need it urgent

If you are getting an error saying that h is not defined, then I would first suggest looking at how you are calling maxtheta from your workspace or command line.  Are you calling maxtheta with only two input arguments?

doc nargin
doc varargin

may help you.