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Subject: Re: Which optimization method to use?
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On 3/27/2013 1:09 PM, Aino wrote:
> Hello all.
> I have a function that includes a simulation. The input of the 
> simulation is seven parameters. I need to vary five of the seven 
> parameters to find the combination that would minimize the final 
> output (error that is calculated between a measured signal and the 
> simulated signal). I have somewhat a good initial guess for the five 
> parameters and I know that they should all be positive. I need to do 
> this optimization several times, so computational cost is an issue too.
> I tried the optimization with "fminsearch". It worked quite ok, but 
> two problems still occurred. First, one of the five parameters had 
> negative values. This particular parameter is possible to just leave 
> out. Second, it would seem that there are several local minimum that 
> are all feasible when considering the parameter values :( and 
> "fminsearch" didn't always find the global minimum. Also, I think that 
> the output error includes "noise", or maybe one/several parameters are 
> not always relevant.
> I am now trying out "fminsearchbnd" (File Exchange) without the fifth 
> parameter and with lower bounds [0,0,0,0]. However, I was wondering if 
> "fmincon" would be more appropriate for me? I am not sure how to 
> implement it, though. Is there possibly even better (more robust, not 
> too time-consuming) optimization method for me?
> Thanks,
> Aino

You might be interested in the documentation on optimizing simulations:

fmincon is indeed an appropriate solver for your problem. It is part of 
Optimization Toolbox. You should use the interior-point or sqp 
algorithms; see

Alan Weiss
MATLAB mathematical toolbox documentation