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Subject: Re: Parallel to line through point without slope calculation
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"Roger Stafford" wrote in message <kj0pkf$o9r$>...
> "K" wrote in message <kivmba$jnh$>...
> > I have two points (a,b) that make up a line, and a third point (c). I'd like to draw a line (length x) that is parallel to (a,b) but passes through c (at its midpoint).
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>   Let a, b, and c be vectors of the three given points, each consisting of their respective cartesian coordinates.  The two vectors, d and e, of the endpoints of the desired line segment parallel to the line through a and b with c as its midpoint and of length x can be calculated as follows:
>  t = x/2*(b-a)/norm(b-a);
>  d = c + t;
>  e = c - t;
> No slope computation is involved.
> Roger Stafford

This is magnificent! Thank you so very much, Mr. Stafford.