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I have a cell array of strings that I need to extract substrings from based on the location of hyphens. the array is something like this:
str = {'*88-123-*-001*';

where the * can be any number of characters. I am trying to extract just the numbers. If the strings were the same length identification of the first hyphen and last hyphen could occur followed by conversion to char. 

hyphs = cell2mat(strfind(str,'-'));
out = cellstr(strcat(str2(:,hyphs(1)-2:hyphs(:,1)+3),str2(:,hyphs(end)+1:hyphs(end)+3)));

However with different lengths the indices of the hypens will change from row to row and that wont work properly. I would think there is a way to do this without a forloop but I cant think of it. Any suggestions, Thnx