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"John" wrote in message <kjmkf5$cfk$>...
> - Is this AVX2 functionality something that Matlab needs to support (as in, do they not yet support it, but will in future versions?)
> - Can I expect the increase in performance to be 'available' without having to do/adjust anything?
> - What should I expect in terms of performance difference?
> I am not in dire need to buy my new computer, so it does not hurt to wait. However, if I need to wait an X additional months for support to be added, I might as well purchase the current generation.
> Thanks, John

Hi John, the good news is that MATLAB uses the Intel MKL library to do a lot of its basic operations, and MKL version 11.0 supports Haswell/AV2 instructions according to Intel's website. I checked my Windows 64bit machine running R2013a using 'version -lapack' and 'version -blas' and it reports that it uses MKL v10.3.11 . I'm not from TMW, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see MKL v11 come in the next release or two, depending on how hard it has been to integrate the new version and how the two products' release schedules match up... If you _really_ want, you could get a trial version of MKL v11 as Intel supplies instructions on their website of how to compile MKL and link custom versions to MATLAB. However, this would obviously not be supported, and not guaranteed to work.