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Hi Yehonatan,
I've sent the files to your email address, as I'm restricted to plain text here. Her is a copy of the email:

Hi Yehonatan,
I've attached the paper as a pdf and  and some images. 

The function I've been trying to plot is shown in the paper as Equation 10, and I've also attached it, for convenience as quasi_gaussian_function.png.

It is a function describing the concentration of fluid particles in an electric field. The process is called isoelectric focusing, or more commonly known as electrophoresis. The quasi_gauss_ function is a mathematical statement about how the charged particles in a fluid, at random locations, move to a common plane called the isoelectric plane, under the influence of an electric field. However they do not simply form a flat plane but are focused more widely at the bottom and thinly at the top- like a Gaussian distribution in statistics. 

I've plotted a different Gaussian function and attached the code so that you could see what I'm looking for.

I just need the same type of plot  now for the quasi_gaussian function.

I hope I'm making some sense.

Many thanks,