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> No you didn't, since you ask about "matrix dimension must agree" error.
> And you start over again with mmx.
> Bruno
yes,I know,but you don't understand my question.
in fact,my question was as follow:
if I want to use from MTIMESX for fast opertaion,but second dimension of A is not equal with first diemnsion of B,but second and third dimensions in both A and B are same,is a good choice MTIMESX?
for example:
I konw that : c = mtimesx(a,b) => is false!
also,I know that simply : c =a.*b
but I want to use from:
c = permute(mtimesx(permute(a,[2 3 1]),permute(b,[2 3 1])),[3 1  2]);
NOW,my question was:
between " .* " operator and " mtimesx (or mmx)" , which is faster?