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Subject: Ploting a boxcar or mutliple rectangular function
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This is my first post here in this forum. I hope I get what I want. 

I am a very beginner Matlab user. What I want to do is to plot multiple rectangle ( for fMRI block design , for ex: such as this one : __----__----__----__----__  ( or baseline block baseline block baseline ..etc)
Of course this is not a perfect example. The most important thing that I am looking to do is the timing. For example I want the the baseline starts from 0 and last for 20 seconds. Then the rectangular box or the block starts from 20 and last to 40 seconds and so on. So a total of, for example, 10 blocks, 5 baselines and 5 task or box or blocks. So the total time is 10*20=200 seconds. 

I tried different function in matlab such as rectwin or rectangularPulse but honestly I could not do it. 

NB: I wan not sure whether I should post this here or in the question section!