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Subject: Re: ksdensity function - error -Undefined variable "internal" or class "internal.stats.parseArgs"
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Hi Tom,

Appreciate the advice!! I think I am missing the entire Stats toolbox. You are right - I cannot ignore problem#1. Also because I am missing stats toolbox,  I cannot which internal.stats.parseArgs. 

My Matlab is R2012b. Apologies for the abbreviation. 

Shall hunt down the stats toolbox!


"Fels " <> wrote in message <kkp7dq$srp$>...
> Hello all,
> I am currently facing some issues when I upgraded from Matlab7 to Matlab12 on my Win7 laptop. Problem#1: I seem to be missing the ksdensity function (part of stats toolbox). Ignoring problem#1, to quickly solve it, I copied the ksdensity.m file from my LINUX version and added it to my Win7.
> Problem#2: When running a code that used to work on Matlab7, Matlab12 gave me an error for the ksdensity function (see below)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Undefined variable "internal" or class "internal.stats.parseArgs".
> Error in ksdensity>parse_args (line 186)
> [u,m,kernelname,support,weight,cens,cutoff,ftype] = ...
> Error in ksdensity (line 114)
> [axarg,yData,n,ymin,ymax,xispecified,xi,u,m,kernelname,...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm afraid I have ran out of clue on what is happening. Is it due to the the m file being different in different platforms ie I cannot simply copy the linux version to windows. 
> I suspect my Problem#1 is due to my network installation ie missing toolboxes or Matlab12 has oddly hidden toolboxes - so no quick fix there just yet. But assuming functions are transferable, what could that error above mean?
> Appreciate any advice.
> Many thanks,
> Felicia