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Subject: Data division problem in neural network
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           I am using neural network pattern recognition for classification purpose.My problem is I am not getting whether for input and target both I have to write individual command      "trainInd,valInd,testInd] = divideind(Q,trainInd,valInd,testInd)" 
and if yes then how to define parameters(net.divideparm)? I have written the following code.I have read the documentation but I am not able to clear my doubt. Please help.

s = RandStream('mcg16807','Seed', 0);
x=input; % size of x is 10x70
t=target;% size of t is 3x70
net = patternnet(22);
[trainInd,valInd,testInd] = divideind(x,1:20,35:45,54:65);
 net.divideParam.trainInd = trainInd
 net.divideParamvalInd = valInd
 net.divideParam.testInd = testInd
 net= train(net,x,t);