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"Chuck37" wrote in message <kl78up$nm1$>...
> I have a huge simulation that takes a long time to run, so I watch in real time.  I'd like a way to get into debug mode when needed, but not have to press continue every iteration.  I was hoping to be able to poll the keyboard at each iteration to see if a key is pressed.  If so, I could go into a dummy section of code (e.g. pause(0)) and have a breakpoint there so I could examine variables, etc.  If a key wasn't pressed I could sit back and watch the simulation until something unusual happened.
> Is it possible?  Or maybe there's a feature of the debugger that does this some other way?

You can do within a figure/gui by using KeyPressFcn callback (and mouse button and so on). I never figure out how to do in command line.