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Subject: Putting text containing variables into plot
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How can I put a text into my plot which passes computed values in there?
For instance, I have computed my parameters to be:

pars =
    0.0005    42.1963

Now I want to put a text in an appropriate position in my plot (where it does not block the figure content), and pass pars(1) and pars(2) in there.

My formula is omega(d) = exp(-pars(1)*d^pars(2))

So, I want to have Matlab to put that for me in the plot as:

omega(d) = exp(-0.0005*d^pars(2))

I have already tried to put it in the title by:
title([ '\omega(d)=exp (' , num2str(pars(1),'%4.5f') , ' d^' , (num2str(pars(2))), ')' ])
But still, the problem is pars(2) is not completely powered, and only its first digit (4) is powered.

I am really interested to put it rather as a text somewhere in my plot.

I appreciate any help.