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Subject: Re: using mesh to make 3D plot
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OK Christian,
From what i understand you don't have any experience with matlab. I see here you have a list of data, i guess you created some where else. I have to know if this data can be created by a math function. In other words, can you create your data list by this kind of code:
x = 1:50;
y = 1:50;
z = sin(x) + cos(y);

the reason I'm asking you is because there are no fast learning solution for this problem. It's not a big problem but its not a small one either. I  want you to tell me exactly what do you want to do and how much learning you want to invest.

Need To Know:
What are your x,y,z
what kind of 3d plot: surface, contour, curve
can you create the data list by a function like the above code
how much you want to invest in matlab experience

Best Regards