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Subject: I have a set of data (nxm), how to write a matlab code so that I can select
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The data is 5x5. Consist of diameter and F. When diameter is 3, F is 80, and so on.
d F
3 80
5 100
7 120
9 140
11 160

This is basically an iteration process. The first value of d and F is chosen by the user. The first value of d that I want to select is 7, and the corresponding F is 120.  I want to write a program, so that d is equal to the value of d that I select. 

This is my code. 

load data.dat;


I don't really know how to write the code, so I just give it a try. The X=find(d,3), because 7, and 120 are in the 3rd row. 

But of course the code cannot work. 

I hope you do really understand what I'm trying to say. 

Thank you