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Subject: Removing array dimension
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"Jonathan W Smith" wrote in message <klpght$jh1$>...
> Hello
> If I have an array of size 3 x 4 x 5 (3-dimensional array) .
> How do completely remove the 3rd dimension so it will become a size of just 3 x 4 (2-dimensional array).
> Lets say the array is A,  I know I could do B = A(:,:,[]).  However, in this case I would end up with a 3-dimensional array with the 3rd dimension being all zeros.

It is not clear what you want. If you want a specific page, e.g.,

B = A(:,:,1); % the 1st page

If you want a sum, e.g.,

B = sum(A,3); % sums along the 3rd dimension

Maybe you could give a short example of input and desired output.

James Tursa