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"Nivi" wrote in message <kmip2u$6hg$>...
> Alan_Weiss <> wrote in message <kminjb$1ul$>...
> > On 5/9/2013 4:55 PM, Nivi wrote:
> > > I am using Matlab R2012a and I am trying to incorporate fixed costs in 
> > > establishing links in a sup
> The last part is what i want clarified.... The fixed cost must come into picture only if there is a flow on the respective new link. 
> I run the code and it doesn't converge... 20 long minute i waited and it wouldn't give me a solution
> If Fmincon can't help, is there any other alternative ?

Write out your problem in mathematical notation (not as MATLAB code).
Maybe then somebody can give advice about suitable MATLAB routines for a solution.

Best wishes