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Subject: Audio Output in Simulink with Real-Time Windows
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       I'm currently using Windows Real-Time Target to connect to a CAN communication device in Simulink. A user manipulates a device and our model determines whether or not a specific task is achieved. When the task is achieved I need the Simulink model to output any noise (a beep, a ding, a gong, a popular song) to let the user know they achieved their goal without the experimenter interacting with them. Is there any way to output a sound over my computer's audio hardware when I'm connected with the Real-Time Windows Kernel? 

I've tried using the "To Audio Device" block, but I am unable to build my model when the block is used. The error returned does not explain the conflict; "Error(s) encountered while building model" is all it says. I have also tried using "MATLAB Function" blocks with the "beep" command ( using coder.extrinsic('beep') ) . This works when I am not in "external mode", but when I am communicating with our system with the external mode the beep no longer plays. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.