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On 5/18/2013 9:10 AM, ghasem wrote:
> Hi.
> I have a simple question about integral.
> I have to calculate following integral and next plot it versus function is:
> f1 =  I(z)*sin(theta)*exp(jk*z*cos(theta)
> f2 = integral ( f1 , dz)

I can't read your f1.

can you try again, and post valid expression. The above
does not even parse.  is this exp(j*k*z)*cos(theta) or
exp(j*k*z*cos(theta)) ?

Then you say that z is a vector

z= linspace(0,0.7,100);

then later say that

  I(z) = is a given vector same length with
  z => length(I(z)) = length(z)

May be you can try to write the integral, using normal mathematics
notation. Assume Matlab does not exist. Using just mathematics,
write down the integral you are trying to solve.

If I(z) is supposed to be a vector of numbers, then why not
just say this is a constant C ? or is I(z) a function of z?

If so, what is the definition of this function I(z) ?