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Subject: Re: GA Optimization ... Maximum recursion limit of 500 reached
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"Steven_Lord" <> wrote in message <kndesb$9jd$>...

> See question 13 in the Programming section of the newsgroup FAQ. While that 
> question is phrased in terms of the ODE45 function, it also applies to other 
> "function functions" like GA.
> Move your call to GA out of any of the functions that you're passing into GA 
> as input arguments (either directly or in the options.)
> -- 
> Steve Lord
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thank you Steve Lord for your reply,

1- as I new in optimization, and as I mentioned in my first post, I am not sure if I properly formulated my problem on MATLAB. Actually, I wondered that it run.

2- I prefer to describe my problem briefly:

- my problem is to optimize the layout of a number of wind turbines (say 16) in series in order to maximize the power produced. 
- I have the technical data for 28 types of wind turbines, a vector of 10 elements, must be used in calculation if any type of turbine is chosen at any location. 
- besides, each turbine may operate at a rage of hub heights.
- the proposed location of each turbine also an aspect of optimization.
- so, for the 16 proposed turbines in series, I have 3 variables (turbine type, hub height, and X-coordinate), but the first variable is linked with the 28 x 10 technical data matrix (this is the source of extensively calling the data from the matrix).
- the wake effect of each turbine on all downstream turbines is calculated based on their type, height, and location.
- I have a specified LB and UB vectors, and have one linear equality constrain [sum (distance among turbines) = a specified total length]

I hope these released secrets regarding to my problem may help you to help me :)
thank you again,