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Hi there,
I know this post is old, but, right now I am also working with seismic data and need to do frequency/Wavenumber calculation and I wanted to know if you solved the issues you had or see if maybe you could help me with what I have to do now.

"Blaine Bockholt" wrote in message <i0diai$59b$>...
> I am working with seismic data and I need to do a frequency/wavenumber calculation.  I have written the code but the code runs for a long time and I have a large data set to sort through.  I was told that I can compile my m-script and create an .exe file.  I have done this, but every time I try to run the file, it says that it cannot execute my binary file.  I am not sure where to go from here.  I have tried all the different options that I have seen posted and nothing seems to work.  Thanks.
> P.S.  I am working on a Mac, if that makes any difference.