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"R Wat" wrote in message <ko8adp$p8r$>...
> I have recently been working with Delaunay triangulation and was surprised at how long the triangulation procedure was taking. In total, my data has around 100,000 points in a relatively nicely spaced grid, which is large, but doesn't seem to be outrageous. In my tinkering around with things, I came across an interesting finding which is demonstrated in the following code:
> % Random grid of points
> X1 = rand(300*300,2); 
> % Equally spaced, well ordered, grid (of the same size as the above random data)
> [x,y] = meshgrid(1:300,1:300); 
> X2 = [x(:),y(:)];
> % Triangulate the random data and calculate the run time
> tic;
> random = DelaunayTri(X1);
> toc;
> % Triangulate the well ordered data
> tic;
> ordered = DelaunayTri(X2);
> toc;
> % Take the well ordered grid data and scramble it so that it is no longer well ordered
> scramble = randperm(numel(x)).';
> X3 = [x(scramble),y(scramble)];
> % Triangulate the now scrambled data
> tic;
> scrambled = DelaunayTri(X3);
> toc;
> Which gives the following output for the timing:
> Elapsed time is 1.037137 seconds. (Random data)
> Elapsed time is 10.460786 seconds. (Grid data)
> Elapsed time is 0.900113 seconds. (Scrambled grid data)
> What confuses me is that for the first two cases, triangulation of the same number of points takes a drastically different amount of time (10x slower). What is even more confusing is that, when you scramble the order of the grid data, the performance drops back to that of the random data.
> Does anybody know why this occurs? I kind of have a guess, but it is hind of "hand wavy."
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