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Subject: Re: coping with "no indexing of function calls"
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"kj" <> wrote in message 
> In <ko83qf$4fo$> "Steven_Lord" 
> <> writes:


>>You could write a function that accepts the temporary output from the
>>function and the indices and extract just those elements of the temporary
>>extractCertainElementsFromOneOutputFunction = @(tmp, index) tmp(index);
>>A = extractCertainElementsFromOneOutputFunction(foo(B), 1)
> I really like this idea.  In fact, I don't see why it has to be a
> temporary function.

It doesn't have to be. I wrote it as an anonymous function because it was 
less typing than defining a "named" function, although the fact that I used 
a 43 character variable name probably negated that advantage ;)

Steve Lord
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