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On 6/10/2013 2:11 PM, Eric wrote:
> I need to find the position of an item within +- .005 inches. The item
> is a 2D, hollow square, about 7 inches on each side, about .5 inches
> thick with chamffered and filleted corners, and is black with white-ish
> background. I need to find both the position and rotation.
> So far, my thoughts are this: I can use two cameras, one on each of
> adjacent corners, to do edge detection. I'd be nice if I could get a set
> up that will allow me to have 1 pixel = .001 inches, but I'm not sure
> how to do this yet. For now, I'm just assuming it can be done and
> worrying about the software first.

Be easier if could put the camera above...