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Subject: Re: read numerical text file by fixed column width, no delimiters
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On 6/19/2013 2:36 PM, Kristin wrote:

OK, here's a very rough, not terribly user=friendly outline, but should 
get the job done...

program tentoeleven
   character(len=132):: fold, fnew  ! A filename for old, new file
   real              :: v(8)        ! Data array of 8 floats

   read(*,*) fold                   ! It'll wait for you...

   read(*,*) fnew                   ! It'll wait for you...

   do while(ios.eq.0)
     read(11,'(F10.4)',iostat=ios) v ! read the old file F10.4
     write(12,'(F11.4)') v           ! F11.4 will insert space delimiter
   end do


Will continue 'til EOF condition on the old file at which time the 
IOSTATUS variable will become <0.  Of course, other errors will also 
abort, but one presumes the files are otherwise, clean.