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On 7/7/2013 8:17 AM, alaa wrote:
> i am trying to use the FrangiFilter2D function on images extracted from
> coronary angiography video, but when i use the function is give this
> error " Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than
> non-singleton subscripts .
> Error in ==> FrangiFilter2D at 96
> ALLfiltered(:,:,i) = Ifiltered; "
> the code is like this:
> I=double(imread('vessel.jpg'));
> Ivessel=FrangiFilter2D(I);

Need more context, but as the code line shows it's trying to assign to 
the i-th plane in the routine and the target array hasn't been allocated 
sufficient space.

One presumes (the crystal ball is back in shop again) that perhaps it 
decides internally based on the dimensions of the input or some other 
optional (omitted) parameters what the number of planes should be and 
you've not met the expectations in that regard...

No luck trying to find 'FrangiFilter2D' in the TMW doc's, so you're 
pretty much on your own as to what it is/does unless can point cs-sm 
readers to something.