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Subject: Save matrix in a loop
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this is my code to segment all images in testing folder..the problem is,i want to save each matrix data in different .mat file using a loop..i dont know how to do it

clear all
srcFiles = dir('\MSc AIA\amazon images\1-1000\testing\*.jpg'); 
for i = 1 : length(srcFiles)
filename = strcat('\MSc AIA\amazon images\1-1000\testing\',srcFiles(i).name);
I = imread(filename); 
level = graythresh(I);
BW = im2bw(I,level);
pathname = '\MSc AIA\amazon images\1-1000\testing\segmented';
segment = sprintf('%d.bmp', i);
fullfilename = fullfile(pathname, segment);
imwrite(BW, fullfilename);