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"Hariprasad" wrote in message <l0s6ei$krk$>...
> "Hariprasad" wrote in message <l0s63d$f2e$>...
> > I want to use the existing Matlab rand() function in a Mex function. I have two int variables(rows and cols) which determine the size of the array of random numbers. Since I have to use mexCallMATLAB for using the Matlab rand() function, I don't know how to pass the 2 int variables as the prhs[] input to mexCallMATLAB. Any help will be really helpful.

i have done something like this inside the mexFunction()

mxArray *lhs,*rhs[2];
int *p1,*p2;
double *randoms;

lhs = mxCreateDoubleMatrix(m,no_of_levels,mxREAL);  /* m =2, no_of_levels = 4 */
randoms = mxGetPr(lhs);
rhs[0] = mxCreateNumericMatrix(1,1,mxUINT8_CLASS,mxREAL);
rhs[1] = mxCreateNumericMatrix(1,1,mxUINT8_CLASS,mxREAL);
p1 = mxGetPr(rhs[0]); *p1 = m;
p2 = mxGetPr(rhs[1]); *p2 = no_of_levels;


but the data is zero in randoms. Where am I going wrong??