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Subject: Re: 64bits and memory problem
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"Jagvaral " <> wrote in message 
> "James Tursa" wrote in message <hb5dlg$g5k$>...
>> "ste me" <> wrote in message 
>> <hb5bq3$frt$>...
>> > I recently shifted to Ubuntu@64bits and I have a problem with Matlab 
>> > r2009a&memory.
>> >
>> > The code makes use of a C file which is compiled via
>> > >mex name.c
>> >
>> > In a 32bits architecture everything is fine.
>> > Under 64 bits the file is correctly compiled, but the programs stops 
>> > with the error
>> > Function "mxGetIr_700" is obsolete in file "compat32.cpp", line
>> > 282.
>> > (64-bit mex files using sparse matrices must be rebuilt with the
>> > "-largeArrayDims" option.  See the R2006b release notes for more
>> > details.)
>> >
>> > I then compiled using the suggested option:
>> >
>> > >mex -largeArrayDims name.c
>> Just using the -largeArrayDims flag doesn't fix the code for 64-bit. For 
>> example, if your name.c code is using int for array sizes instead of 
>> mwSize, mwSignedIndex, etc. etc. then the code will not work if any of 
>> those are passed by reference to a function (i.e., passing an address of 
>> an int to a routine that is expecting the address of an 8-byte unsigned 
>> integer for a size will obviously not work). The function would get 
>> garbage when it dereferenced the pointer, and if subsequently used as an 
>> agument for a memory allocation I could see how you might get an "out of 
>> memory" error. How large is your code ... short enough to post?
>> James Tursa
> Hi, I have exactly the same problem as you mention. First, I add 
> '-largeArrayDims' option but it caused another problem saying that out of 
> memory. How can I fix this problem? Do you think it is because of matlab 
> version? I really need help please.

Read the suggestions in this section of the documentation:

Steve Lord
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