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Subject: Append a Column into a Text File
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Hi folks,

I'm aware of the ample on-line tips on appending a new columns into an existing text file. However, my text file has the following structure:

Number Number Number Number Number Number Number Number/Number/Number

Basically they're all digits, each row has 8 columns, the first seven columns are one part i.e. one cell if I may say, and the 8th column has three numbers seperated by slashes. For instance, here's an exemplary segment of my text file:

1	1	6	12	4200 6292	0	-1/-1/-1
1	2	6	96	129   6292	0	1/-1/-1

My issue lies when appending the new column next to the 8th columns, it's complaining, but not sure why. Here's my code:

inputfilename = 'deletemenow.txt'
outputfilename = 'output.txt'
fid1 = fopen(inputfilename, 'rt')
fid2 = fopen(outputfilename, 'wt')
while feof(fid1) == 0
   tline = fgetl(fid1)
    nline = [tline, jCP, '\n']
    fprintf(fid2, nline);

...and here's the error I'm getting:
??? Error using ==> horzcat
CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent.

My guts feeling tells me this is because the last column has slashes. What do you guys propose?