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Subject: Re: Probability in a bi-variate normal gaussian distribution
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"marco" wrote in message <l4ok0j$m45$>...
> Dear all,
> i have a problem regarding the computation of a probability under a bidimensional gaussian distribution. I figured out that exploiting the mvncdf() function i'm able to compute the probability under rectangular area or under a semi-plane whose constraint be parallel to X or Y axis (P < x1 , P < y1).
> Now my problem is, how can i compute the probability under a semi-plane whose constraint is not parallel to X or Y axis. This could be very important to my work because my final goal is to compute the probability over a whatever polygonal area (not rectangular or square). 
> I really appreciate if someone can help me.
> many thanks
> Regards

Integrating the bivariate normal distribution over arbitrarily defined regions in 2d seems to me is such a fundamental problem in statistics that a google search should help.

Best wishes