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Thread Subject:
String Manipulation

Subject: String Manipulation

From: Alan Leung

Date: 30 Jul, 2007 14:36:58

Message: 1 of 2


1. I have an cell element called type_name:
type_name = 'A Math Example';

I would like to use type_name as the name of the worksheet

This statement does not work. How should I modify it?

2. This is a part of my code:
ID1 = {'A';'B';'C';};
for i = 1:1:3
  for j = 1:1:3
     for k = 1:1:3

Now, I would like to make a matrix so that it look something like:
Output = {'AAA';'AAB';'AAC';'ABA';...}

How should I do it?



Subject: String Manipulation

From: us

Date: 30 Jul, 2007 15:14:56

Message: 2 of 2

Alan Leung:
<SNIP combinatorial evergreen...

one of the many solutions

% some data
% the (versatile) engine
% the result


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