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Thread Subject:
MATLAB online programming contest is up and running

Subject: MATLAB online programming contest is up and running

From: Ned Gulley

Date: 20 Mar, 2000 11:39:00

Message: 1 of 1

Enter the MATLAB online programming contest and test your MATLAB chops
against people all over the world.


to join the contest or just to watch the contest from the visitor's gallery
and see who's ahead. The current leader is Wolfgang Hammer, who is setting a
blistering pace with a score of 1292.

Submit your M-code function to the contest and it will be automatically
tested, scored, and ranked against the best efforts of MATLAB users around
the world. The contest runs from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24 at 5

The Challenge

You are working on the human genome project, and your team is closing in on
the last few base pairs needed to complete the project and go on to certain
glory and perhaps a Nobel prize. Researchers on your team have managed to
obtain several sets of segments needed to sequence the last remaining gene,
but your help is urgently needed to lead the effort. For each set of
segments given, you must devise an algorithm to sequence them in the correct
order. If you succeed, your name will appear in all biology textbooks from
this day forward. If you are too slow, someone else will take your place.
Good luck.

-Ned Gulley and the rest of the MATLAB Contest Team

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