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Thread Subject:
mex & "-undefined suppress"

Subject: mex & "-undefined suppress"

From: Michael

Date: 27 Nov, 2007 05:48:16

Message: 1 of 1

MacOSX 10.4
Matlab 2007a
GCC 4.0.1


I'm building some mex files. The default mex scripts have the option "-
undefined suppress" in the gcc linker flags. The problem is that if you forget to
include a source file, or a symbol is otherwise undefined after linking, you don't
get a warning. If you then run your mex file from Matlab, it simply crashes

So I can remove "-undefined suppress" warning, but then I get a whole pile of
warnings relating to system and/or matlab stuff that don't seem to effect the
running of the mex file. Anyone know if this is normal? Anyone know a way
around this, to get rid of all the ignorable undefined symbol warnings while still
getting warnings relevant to me? It sure would be nice. Thanks.


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