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Thread Subject:

Subject: Colormap

From: Ivania Pereira

Date: 4 Jan, 2008 10:16:07

Message: 1 of 1


i'm trying to set a specific colormap to two diferent
images in the same figure. For that, I have to concatenate
two diferent colormaps, so that the first image gets the
first part of the colormap and the second one gets the
second part. The first image has the correspondent colormap
to its indexes. The problem is that the second image
doesn't have the correspondent colormap. The indexes of
this one are correct, and so does the colormap, but it
assumes the colors set on the first rows of the colormap.
The code is:

cmap1 = gray(256);
cmap = [cmap1;cmap2];
% Generate the first image.
figure, subplot(121)
% Generate the second image.
X2 = MaskTMT + max(X(:));
ax = findobj(gcf,'Type','axes');
set(ax,'CLim', [min(X(:)) max(X2(:))])

Any idea????



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