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Thread Subject:
Definition of "Tension Splines" (T-Splines)

Subject: Definition of "Tension Splines" (T-Splines)

From: Johannes Korsawe

Date: 23 Jan, 2008 09:31:02

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Dear community,

i am looking for an analytical definition of so-called T-
splines (tension splines). With these splines, one may
connect to points in 3d via a cubic polynomial in a smooth
Additionally to the pure points and directions in 3d, there
shall "tension values" be given on both endpoints. This
follows the definition in CAD-program CATIA V5.

Now, i found references to tension splines in the net, but
there are tension values defined on the intervals (!)
between the interpolation points (as some sort of harmonic
weight in the spline defining ode). For the CATIA V5-point
of view, the tension is given at both interpolation points
and may differ between each.

I know, this has not so much to do with MATLAB (although i
want to implement those types of splines in MATLAB), but
maybe there is some expert in here, who knows and cares
about the splines he uses.

Best regards,
Johannes Korsawe

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