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Thread Subject:
Basler 1900-GM, GiGe, Lenses

Subject: Basler 1900-GM, GiGe, Lenses

From: Chaos

Date: 26 Jan, 2008 01:49:02

Message: 1 of 1

am interested if anyone has any REAL world data for the

using Matlab to grab RAW, linear 16-bit(12-bit packed)data
from a Basler 1900-GM? If so, how many FPS
@12-bit@1920x1080, RAW,linear?

anyone had success with good compression routines while
maintaining the bit depth?

what acquisition and storage system are you using?

if you have used the Basler 1900-GC in mono mode, have you
gotten any decent images without using a Peltier? using
color in mono mode degrades sensitivity by 1/3 unless you
cool it to reduce the DN.

anyone good reccommendations for

C-mount, 1"inch sensor, diagonal 16mm, array 14mm x 8mm,
distance from array to lens mount is 17.5mm

1. 10mm prime lens, no FISHEYE, no chromatic distortions
2. 35-80mm macro
3. 70-150mm macro
4. 200mm prime

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