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Thread Subject:
Matlab is "busy" ??

Subject: Matlab is "busy" ??

From: Hüseyin

Date: 1 Feb, 2008 19:42:01

Message: 1 of 1

I have a question which is so important for my matlab career:)

When you type a command that need more executaion, a "Busy"
word appers near the start up button. This is a good
feedback so you can treat considering that etc.. But when
you execute a m. file which is matlab's original file, it
never says "Busy" althought it requires more execution time.
For example in filter design toolbox, call 'fdatool',
specify the characteristics and push the 'Design Filter'
button, it takes 3-4 seconds, but matlab does not say "Busy".

Question is, do matlab engineers write m. files in an
different way? How do ı write codes that does not make
matlab "Busy" altought it requires much more execution??

(This is important because matlab does not respond any other
command while it is "Busy")

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