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Thread Subject:

Subject: append

From: Ender

Date: 6 Mar, 2008 17:15:19

Message: 1 of 2

I am trying to write a matrix to a file. The program is
then going to repeat the process and write a new set of
data from the same matrix into the same file. I want to
write the second row of data underneath the first row of
data. I thought this MatLab code would write the command:

dlmwrite('timestep.csv', elements, '-append');

This is the error that I am getting.
"Could not open file timestep.csv"

I don't know what is wrong with the command. Could you
tell me what I am doing wrong and what the "append" means.


Subject: append

From: (Walter Roberson)

Walter Roberson (view profile)

( (Walter Roberson))

Date: 6 Mar, 2008 17:27:12

Message: 2 of 2

In article <fqp8r7$j0j$>, Ender <> wrote:

>dlmwrite('timestep.csv', elements, '-append');

>This is the error that I am getting.
>"Could not open file timestep.csv"

Double-check the command that you used to originally create
the file. You might find, for example, that the first time
around you wrote to the file 'timestep.cvs' (wrong extension)
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