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Thread Subject:
link 2 exe's?

Subject: link 2 exe's?

From: Vihang Patil

Date: 21 Mar, 2008 09:19:02

Message: 1 of 1

Dear Friends
I had developed a machine vision application and deployed
it as an *.exe at my clients place(I will refer it as
an "old application").
 Now I am developing one more application(I will refer
as "new application") which will do some intial processes
and then will pass a parameter (say a string) to this old
compiled application.
My question is, how can I pass an parameter in an already
opened "old application" and back to "new application",
indicating that one cycle is completed. I dont want to
start either my new application or old application over
and over again, as it is too time consuming.

Steps will be:
1. Open New and Old Application
2. Let New application be on Top of Old Application, so
that the new applicaiton is visible first.
3. Complete the process in the new application, send a
parameter (string) to the old application
4. Get the Old application on top, so that now old
applicaiton is visible
5. Complete the old application process and send a string
to the New application
6. Repeat steps 2-5

P.N: I am trying to avoid recoding of the old application
into my new application as that will be too time consuming.

Any ideas

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