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Thread Subject:
question regarding dragrect

Subject: question regarding dragrect

From: Yoav Rubin

Date: 18 Apr, 2008 13:17:01

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Hi All,
I try to use dragrect in a plot that the XLims are betweeen
0 and 100000, whereas the YLim is between 0 and 1 , the
problem is that when I start to drag the rectangle (using
the dragrect command in the on ButtonDownFcn callback on the
rectangle) it doesn't move. I tried to set a different step
size, but since there is a very big difference between the
ranges of x and y axis, then if I set a small size step,
then the program gets stuck, and if I set a big step size,
then still the rectangle doesn't get dragged.
Does anyone has any idea what to do here?


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