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Thread Subject:
preview function using too much CPU resources

Subject: preview function using too much CPU resources

From: Vihang Patil

Date: 24 Apr, 2008 11:27:01

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I am using Imaqe Acquisition ToolBox to get image from a
camera which is using 'winvideo'.
Now when I use the AMCAP.exe which is bundled along with
the Image Acuisition ToolBox, I see that it utilizes very
little CPU. i.e if I open Task Manager and check the
Processes, then AMCAP will be utilizing about 2% CPU.
Whereas if I use Matlab's Preview function and then check
the CPU usage I see that its consuming about 50% CPU power.
Why is there so much difference.
Does AMCAP utilize any other technologies like DIRECTX?

This question arose, since I observed after using Preview
(), that my computer starts gets heated up and the fan
speed increases to cool the CPU.


P.N: Using Pentium IV 3.0 GHZ 1GB RAM, WIN XP and R2006b

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