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Thread Subject:
Delaunay Triangulation

Subject: Delaunay Triangulation

From: Sherman Tse

Date: 28 Apr, 2008 10:04:01

Message: 1 of 1

dear all,

I am doing a project to reconstruct a face model from point
cloud file. the point cloud file contains the x,y,z
coordinate, also the RGB value of each points.

I am doing the delaunay triangulation, however, when I call
the function "delaunay" in the matlab, the mesh of the
model is not "finite" enough. the triangles on my model are
really big, not small enough for me to attach the vertex
color.(I wanted to do the finite element effect. I wanted
to connect all points with each other, so that i can
use "patch" to interpolate the color of each vertex)

I am using the the "surfi" in the FEX, however, the patch
does not satisfied my needs. I wanted to modify it or,
create a new files

If i create a new file: my approach would be like this:
1. sort and search the nearest neighbour of the points.
2. check if the points is in the delaunay circumcircle.
3. use the "patch" to connect the edge. and fill the color.
( I don't know how to write the codes)

Can you guys give me some comments with details? Can you
guys judge if my appraoch is correct.

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