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Thread Subject:
Duplicate Tags - Separat Tasks

Subject: Duplicate Tags - Separat Tasks

From: Bill

Date: 15 May, 2008 15:03:03

Message: 1 of 1

I have 2 Guide built GUI scripts. The first is the main
job and generates data and also performs summary analysis.
I can save the data from it. The second Guide built job
can read in the saved data from task1 and show the same
summary results. In fact, the callback code blocks are
nearly identical, and they have the same callback tag
names. When both jobs are running concurrently, I will get
an error message indicating that the Tag of the callback is
a vector! I presume this means that the tags from both
entities are combined. Is this normally expected?
Actually, this could be useful, but for now I have to kill
one task to run the other (or change their tags).
Does this mean I could call a tagged callback from one task
to the other and activate it?

Thank you for any insight...

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