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Thread Subject:
3d display performance - acceleration via java?

Subject: 3d display performance - acceleration via java?

From: Johannes Korsawe

Date: 26 May, 2008 08:54:01

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Hi folks,

now and then i have to display some sort of large amounts of
traingulated 3d data - say some cad-surface which is
tessellated with some tenthousands of triangles.

If i use the usual MATLAB figure and patch command, the
rotating and manipulating of the graph is - even if "opengl"
is used - pretty slow.

Now my question is if there is some hope in trying to embedd
some java 3d-classes in displaying such type of data and
gaining some speed due to some obscure java advantages.

What i mean is: if the CAD fuzzies are able to rotate 3d
data such easily and fast, where is the bootleneck for the
MATLAB figures to do this? What can be done to handle large
amounts of graphics in MATLAB?

Bad enough, my JAVA abilities are somewhat rudimental, so i
am not able to try-and-use some j3d-class fast on my own. Is
there any experience in this topic/task out there?

Hoping for resonance,
Johannes Korsawe

p.s.: could be i miss the topic as MATLAB itself is based on
java, there won't be any possibilities to accelerate via java?

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