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Thread Subject:
Multi-body physics and collision handling

Subject: Multi-body physics and collision handling

From: Mark

Date: 9 Jul, 2008 02:35:02

Message: 1 of 1

Hi All,

I've been evaluating SimMechanics to see if I can simulate
conveyor systems in a similar way to this product:

Is there a way of adding unconstrained ridgid bodies, i.e.
slipping sliding boxes on the conveyor?

In my model I want the boxes to behave correctly by
colliding with the sides of the conveyor and each other,
bunching up and moving through air as they transition
between belts.

My reaserch so far makes me think this is just not possible
inside of Mathworks product and has taken me towards game
engines such as Blender+bullet or Havok/Maya but I still
have all the conveyor mechanics to control through sensor
feedback so I still need to interface back into Simulink at
some point.

Any experiences or thoughts on this very much apprecaited.


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